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Theosis Works : Cierra 
Maker since 2020

- Words from Cierra -

Originally from the PNW, I moved to Arizona in my teenage years and instantly fell in love with the desert landscapes, the variety in climate and the geography of the state. In my later years I dabbled in the new age and Gnosticism until some major loss in my life left me questioning everything and gave me the yearning to want to understand life in a whole new way. I gained a strong sense of need to start to heal my spiritual body in a more holistic way centered around the Creator. This all led me to Orthodox Christianity where I was eventually received into the church with my husband in 2021 and my life has never been the same since. Not only did God save me, but also having a true passion in life such as creating jewelry gave me a sense of true purpose and a renewed heart. Now I make jewelry to expand my creative mind and to keep my mind and heart out of worldly temptations. Making jewelry intentionally and prayerfully has changed my entire way of being and all glory goes to God.

“Theosis” or deification, is a transformative process who aim is likeness or union with God.


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