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Mar Collective

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MAR(Makers, Artisanal, Remembrance) 

MAR translates to sea in Spanish - it's also metaphorical for constant change, mystery, magic and evolution. 

This online space promotes the synergy of small businesses/artists from all corners of the world, sharing their art and story.

Our belief

The belief behind MAR is to re-connect with the natural elements around us and to tap into the unique ways we can bring those elements to life. This profound meaning provides a functional benefit to our emotional existence and purpose.

Our commitmen

To build a community of artisans and show the world the charm of hand-made traditional and contemporary arts by sharing the backstory of each creation, acknowledging the creators, and honoring the skills and crafts from where they came from. Most importantly, each item is carefully thought out and made with hands who care about the craft and have dedicated their time to learning that trade.

The ultimate dream 

Within us all, there's a desire to create. It is our social responsibility to keep these forgotten arts alive through education. Our focus is to offer workshops online and in person in the near future. Not only is our goal to pass down the knowledge of these skills, but to also give back to our local communities - by supplying resources and teaming up with non-profit organizations. 

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